5 Fitness Tips for Training in the New Year (2018)

It’s true what they say: a healthy body = a healthy mind, and now that we are into 2018 I wanted to outline my 5 personal favourite tips to help you perform better with your fitness training…

1. Weight loss: first endurance, then strength

You’re chasing the bikini figure at the gym or want to weigh a few pounds less? Then the correct order of training is crucial! Fat burning is: first endurance training, then strength training. The explanation for this is also quite simple. If you reach your limits at the beginning of the workout – which is definitely desirable for an optimal workout result – the muscles will over-acidify. However, this almost completely stalls the fat burning process. If you change after the dumbbell workout on the treadmill, the body can hardly fall back on the fat reserves.

2. Motivation: training in a team

Programmes to increase motivation are very popular. Of course, because no matter how much fun you have in the sport – at some point the inner bastard registers and tells your training zeal the fight. Of course, there are complicated programs to overcome the acute displeasure, but the best tip is simple: train in a team! The best thing you can do is to find a training partner in your circle of friends, with whom you can regularly complete the workout together – ideally even on the same day and at a fixed time. Such appointments are not only a good framework for the training program, you also feel obliged to really run up. After all, who likes to show off their nakedness and call their best buddy half an hour before the workout to cancel?

3. Best form: functional training

Train complete movements – not just individual muscles. In this way, the current workout trend of functional training could be brought to the point. Instead of sweating on power machines with guided movement sequences, you prefer to lift free weights – pull-ups, dips and push-ups are old classics that still have a right to exist. The challenge becomes even greater when you do exercises on a balance board or a jigsaw board. This improves coordination and balance. Classical workouts in the area of functional training are, for example, kettlebell and the core training of marc verstegen, the former us fitness coach of the national football team.

4. Healthy training: a question of technology

Whether runners or fitness athletes, training is not just a question of endurance and strength. With the right technique, every workout is easier for you – and above all, the risk of injury decreases and used in combination with vibration plates and other fitness equipment at the gym you can achieve great overall form. However, only very few recreational athletes really care about a clean execution of the movements. But it’s just that easy in the studio. Just ask a trainer or, in case of need, an experienced colleague who has been training for some time to observe you during the workout. The worst fitness mistakes you will probably eradicate. Running seminars are a good alternative for runners, or you can just ask the local athletics club if you can train a few units and someone keeps an eye on your running style.

5. Nutrition: proteins – not only in the evening

If you want to be fit, you have to eat accordingly. And according to the latest findings, this means that a lot of protein should be on the diet. On the one hand, proteins are a muscle maker. Those who exercise properly need between 1.2 and 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day to ensure that the muscles actually grow. But even if you want to lose weight, protein is an important source of energy. In contrast to carbohydrates, excess protein is not stored in the body as fat, but simply burned up by the body. Whoever eats a lot of protein in the evening (fish fillet or steak with salad) and does without carbohydrates also ensures that there is no significant insulin release. Finally, insulin blocks fat metabolism. Protein in the evening makes you slim in your sleep.


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